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Joyful Kohbar Design Handmade Madhubani Painting

Joyful Kohbar Design Handmade Madhubani Painting

Joyful Kohbar Design Handmade Madhubani Painting

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About This Masterpiece

One of the signature and iconic symbol of the Mithila region and Madhubani Painting is Kohbar. Made on a lotus pond theme, Kohbar is an allegory on paper depicting fertility and prosperity similar to a pond filled with lotus full of life and abundance. Imperative in all marriages, this handmade Kohbar Madhubani painting raises the bar for its fine details and unique storytelling. Youthfulness, fertility, and prosperity are made to meet the finesse of sketches from Mithila folklore and Kacchni and bharni style of Madhubani Painting. Auspicious and pious just as a marriage, this painting is nothing less than a wonder in colors.

Art details

Content: 1 Large size painting
Type: Original handmade painting
Genre: Symbol of prosperity, fertility and happiness
Pattern: Kohbar
Colour: Multicoloured
Material: Poona paper and professional acrylic colours
Frame: Unframed


Height: 22 inches
Width: 30 inches

Care Instruction

  • Do not touch the art with dirty hands. Place in clean and dust free environment. Use gloves.
  • Get the art framed to keep it safer and look more mesmerising.
  • Clean the frame with mild cleansing liquids if needed or use dry cloth.
  • Avoid touching the glass as much as possible specially with oily or greasy hands.
  • Keep the asset safe from water.


Time invested: 16 days
Frame: Unframed
Decor type: Wall hanging, wall decor, home decor
Shipping: Free shipping world wide
Returns: Easy return policy


We have a dedicated team employed to carefully quality check each and every painting- be it paper quality, colours used, the finish or packaging. Our no compromise policy will deliver to you a painting, you will fall in love with. Please note that as our paintings are handmade masterpieces, there will be slight difference between each of the pieces which in fact infuses originality and exclusivity. Painting will look better than in images as no camera can capture reality better than it is. Rest assured that the painting will bring tempting beauty to your home and your visitors will be filled with admiration and awe. 

**Please note: Customers are responsible for any possible customs & import duties levied by their home country authorities.

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